The Trailer: Dancing with a Stranger

Dancing with a Stranger is really a warning for dancers. It’s the story about a woman who became so engrossed in the love of dancing and beginning anew that she lost her perspective. It’s also about a man who was capable of reading her feelings and took advantage of her. She knew it was happening, but most days she didn’t care because she constantly measured the trade-offs. She mostly thought that the odds were balanced. In the end she, like many others before and after her, lost in a big way. And she dragged the ones she loved most down with her… Don’t make the same mistakes that Katy made.


Whatever the set of circumstances which causes you to be suddenly alone raising children, it is a soap opera. It is reality right there in your own home, in your own skin, in your own broken heart. A reality that will last what seems forever. A reality that you will want to run from at times. A reality that seems to be powerful enough to break you. There’s an aloneness in being a single parent that is not matched by any other manner of being alone. The fact is that you are never alone all the while being totally alone. You always have God. If only He would sit across from you, have a cup of coffee, and tell you how to handle the problem of the morning. Then lunch with Him to prepare you for the problems of the afternoon. That’s not going to happen. (excerpts from the book)

What I Do

Aside from publishing my three books, I’ve also been published in newspapers and magazines. I am a retired educator who now enjoy using the skills I so often taught my students. I live with my rescued shih tzu, Lily. I am the mother of two adult sons. I enjoy studying, reading, gardening, volunteering, and writing.