Raising Charlie is the story of a single career mom trying to do her best job at home caring for her two little sons while keeping her career afloat on the job. Like every single parent who is left with awesome job of “going it alone”, she is tired most of the time, scared all of the time, and overwhelmed by each and every day’s surprises. This is also the story of two little boys whose progress encouraged their mom to live beyond her known potential to “get the job done”. Their energies were shared in an interesting way. The journey was difficult, necessary and fun beyond words.

Here’s a perfect five star review by Brelyn:

I am not a single mother, but the “Charlie” in this book is now an adult (“40” something) and is the owner of an Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Venice, FL. He is a wonderful ballroom dance instructor (I am taking lessons from him and can testify that he has the patience of Job) and when I found out that his mother had written a book about him, I had to read it to find out how she raised him because he is also one of the most charismatic, interesting, funny, and down to earth men I’ve ever met and I wanted to know how she instilled her values in him. A most remarkable story!

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God’s Presence in the Life of an Ordinary Woman is about an everyday sort of woman who became a Christian early in life. She shares the many times when she couldn’t feel God with her, begged to feel His presence, and wondered why He was so busy with everyone else. She also shares how she trudged through these times to come again to a full realization of Gods presence. Through all these times, she yearned to serve Him. As in childhood, now in old age, she yearns for His favor.

Here’s a review from Judith Russell: Kitty is a good writer & makes her autobiography interesting.

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Dancing with a Stranger is really a warning for dancers. It’s the story about a woman who became so engrossed in the love of dancing and beginning anew that she lost her perspective. It’s also about a man who was capable of reading her feelings and took advantage of her. She knew it was happening, but most days she didn’t care because she constantly measured the trade-offs. She mostly thought that the odds were balanced. In the end she, like many others before and after her, lost in a big way. And she dragged the ones she loved most down with her… Don’t make the same mistakes that Katy made.

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